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About me

Hi Readers! Pamela Hudson here! Blogger of this blog! I am 30 years old, and I have been in the world of blogging for almost 10 years. Ten years back, I started working as freelancer writer, after finishing college. I was fortunate enough to have prior experience with internet and world of blogging. So, when a friend told me about freelancing, this was not surprising for me. But I was extremely excited about it!

From very start, I realized that I am not into 9 to 5 job. I am a very dynamic person who needs new tasks and projects every single day. That was the major reason, why I found myself so comfortable in online world.

So, where I was? Freelancer writer! In high school and college, I was always interested in writing essays. Writing is something about which, I am always confident. So, when a friend introduced me to the freelancing website. I thought, it would be easier to earn a project. But I was pretty much wrong. There is a huge difference between content marketing and writing an essay. While writing content for web, you need to communicate the idea with engaging tone and precise information. You may need to write product reviews or description or tips, etc. It can be anything! Despite all problems, I was determined to step in this arena. With every rejection, I learned what was absent in my content! That was a huge realization!

After receiving 300+ rejections, finally, I got my project. Honestly, it was one of the happiest moment for me!

On this blog, I am sharing my experience of becoming expert content writer. People always ask about techniques and tactics, that I have been using all these years. So, I decided to share my vast experience of writing. Here, you will learn how to make transition from a simple writer to professional copywriter!

Before starting, remember that, practice will make you perfect!