What attracts pests to your home?

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Have you got rodents or other pests invading your home? If you answered yes, then this article may not be the right article for you. However if you answered no, then you’ve come to the right place. Even though you may not have pests in your home currently preventing them before the problem occurs is just as important. Many things can make your home appealing to pests. By eliminating them you are going to eliminate the problem of pests in and around your home.

Here are a few tips to help keep rodents away from your home:

Reduce mulch and plants
If you have shrubbery and plants that are getting untidy you need
to trim them back. Rat pest control will be significantly easier once this step is taken, as this will remove areas where rodents and pests can thrive and easily use to get to your home and find a way inside. Mulch can also provide shelter for the pests, so ensure you use an alternative. Try using different materials in your garden, such as rocks which are less attractive to pests. If you lower the number of pests that are around your home, this also means a reduced amount inside. 

Sealing windows and doors
You will be amazed at how pests can wiggle inside gaps and cracks which is why you need to make repairs to broken windows, doors, and warped areas of your home. Repair rips in fly screens as soon as you notice them. Mesh can be brought to your local hardware store.

Check for gaps and cracks
Windows and doors are common places that house tiny openings. You
need to inspect the whole exterior of the window and door, as well as other places where rodents and other pests can enter from. 

Dispose of litter properly
Household garbage is a great way to attracts ants, rodents, and
roaches. If left unattended you may need to enlist ant pest control services to get rid of them. Even backyard waste can be a home or a food source for many rodents. Ensure that you have lids that seal tight on trash cans and if you have spills or debris close by clean it up as it will attract pests. Leaf litter, debris, and plant clippings, and even water sitting somewhere can make the perfect environment for pests and rodents. 

Rinsing recyclables
Common as it is with trash recyclables need to be placed into a tight-fitting trashcan and if your bin doesn’t have a lid ensure you rinse all your recyclables out before placing them into the bin as they can attract rodents. It is also a good idea to store the bin as far from your front or back door so you don’t encourage pests inside. 

Make sure you use the right light bulbs
People often don’t think about this one. Flying pests are attracted to light you want to go for a bulb that has a yellow, pink, or orange tint to it as it will be the least encouraging to the rodents. If you have outside lights change them to sensors that only come on when motion has been detected. If you have outside lights on for prolonged times you are going to attract many different bugs and insects to your home.

Clean out your drains
Floor and sink drains are the perfect places for accumulated debris and gunk. This sort of thing attracts all kinds of pests and allows for a perfect place for insects to breed. Vinegar and baking soda work as a good drain cleaner as the foaming reaction flushes out bugs and clogs.