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How To Make Beauty Products For Gifting

This DIY gift ideas list covers tons of beauty products that are naturally made, pretty, cheap to make and make everyone who gets them smile. So, you can start your Holiday Season right now with this well-curated list of DIY Natural Beauty Gift Ideas. We have compiled a list of 50 natural beauty and personal care DIY recipes right here so you can finish gift shopping in no time.

Homemade beauty gift baskets filled with lotions, cosmetics, and bath bombs could be some of the best gifts to give anyone on your list. Below, you will find three gift basket ideas, all of which come with printable labels for making the most personalised gifts possible for everyone on your list.

Technically, some of these gift ideas are not homemade, but I love the picture, so I wanted to include those here too. The beauty of making gifts yourself is you can personalise them as much as necessary for each person on your list. So why choose to get one when you can have it all made up, so they mix and match together to create a simple, inexpensive, homemade gift?

And, by the way, only assume that every single item in your DIY fall beauty gift basket has to be handmade. Luckily for you, tons of luxurious beauty gifts can be made at home. DIY gifts are always unique because they show that you took the time to create something yourself.

They are also great as Father’s Day gifts, or for Mother’s Day gifts, or birthday gifts. These face and body-clearing products are some of the most excellent natural makeup gifts since they are generally anhydrous (oil and butter only). Realistic face and body oils are the easiest to create from our natural beauty Christmas gift set ideas.

Lotion and moisturisers are essentials for those drier winter months; stock your friends and family members up on natural, homemade versions such as whipped green tea + coconut oil moisturiser, lavender-calendula healing hand balm, a homemade lotion made from calendula and aloe, soothing cucumber lotion, or orange-coconut beat body butter. Anyone can make these lovely-looking soaps, perfumed with lavender essential oil and decorated with dried lavender buds. This lovely homemade soap makes your skin super soft and makes for a beautiful homemade gift.

Lip balm is another simple beauty gift idea from home DIY and can transform dry lips into kissable lips. So this holiday season, give the gift of beautiful skin with a homemade sugar scrub. Scoop up that rub in a pretty container, tie it up with a bow, and you have got yourself a cute gift for the mums, aunts, sisters, or even men in your life who could use some pampering.

Show off your appreciation of natural beauty this holiday season by giving a loved one a handmade natural beauty gift. This Organic Face Powder makes for an ultra-fancy-sounding gift for the genuine beauty enthusiast in your life.

Give homemade perfume, body spray, or oils in a cute little container (here’s a list of simple ones you can make), and the recipient will think of you each time they use a homemade scent. Next, treat friends and family members to homemade bath bombs, face masks, scrubs, and more by making homemade bath bombs at home. Next, put more minor, fragile gifts like the moisturising lip balm recipe and a bath bomb into a basket.

Cyna added body rubs and pumpkin spice soap if it is a fall gift basket. I love adding beauty and skincare products I like, such as homemade soaps, sugar scrubs, or lip balm. My favourite Christmas gift sets that are made are DIY beauty products such as bath salts and glitter, body rubs, and lotions.

Christmas gift sets

Whether you are strapped for time and need cheap gift ideas or if homemade beauty products are just outside your skill set, these products are excellent fast gift ideas that complement a DIY beauty basket. If you are looking for a few DIY gift ideas to save cash on holiday and birthday gifts, here are some excellent beauty products you can sell or give to friends and family. Below, you will find the ten best ideas for homemade bath and beauty products you can make at home and either gift or sell at school bazaars or trade shows.

Most of these things fall under multiple categories and would make suitable bath gift baskets, so really, this is up to you and your judgment on what your friends or family members genuinely need at this time. If you are wondering what to include in a woman’s gift basket, choose some things from each category you think she will enjoy. Aromatic, natural bath and body products such as body butter, lotions, and balms, and practical beauty products such as luxe hand creams, are easier gifts than face creams and serums, which will have to cater to a gift recipient’s particular skin needs.

You can personalise these DIY recipes with your favourite essential oils, create several recipes to make a lovely homemade gift kit, or create batches at a time to get rid of all the people on your list in one fell swoop. Made from ingredients that you have already got on hand (or that you can quickly grab from your local Whole Foods), these last-minute beauty gift ideas are just as fun to create as they are to use–in fact, you may not even want to split them.