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How To Prepare Your Timber Deck For Summer

To keep your wooden deck looking new in summer, we have prepared this blog, which contains all the basic maintenance tips you should follow. 

You may have heard that effective compaction will cause water to drip onto the surface of your deck, but while it is true that wax additives in stains will produce the initial water droplet effect, the best decking oil will still protect your wood. To get the most out of your deck, wood needs to be re-sealed with varnishes such as wood stain or clear decking oil. If you are sanding, use an orbital sander, and when it comes to finishing, always use good quality oil, stain or sealant designed for the type of wood and conditions your countertop is exposed to.

Make sure you check what kind of wood flooring you have, buy the right oil, stain or paint, and apply the finish correctly. When your deck is dry, you can see how much work is still required, including the condition of the stain or paintwork and any deeply ingrained dirt. This very simple step can change the state of your deck; Either way, washing your deck will help you figure out what to do next.

Start by picking up debris and dry matter from the deck using a broom and securing any screws or nails that might stick out. Using warm soapy water and a stiff deck brush, scrub the wood deck of any dust and dirt, then hose down and let dry. On previously painted flooring, also remember to sand the entire surface, areas where the sealant has worn off, and those that still have moisture protection.

Make sure you patch up any cracks to keep the deck looking new and healthy and not rotting from moisture or water. Schedule your annual deck inspection and be sure to keep an eye out for loose planks, protruding nails, loose screws, chipped planks, cracks, wood rot, mould growth, or any other area that may need repair.

Once you’ve cleaned the wood, there are almost limitless ways to personalize your deck and prepare for a great outdoor summer, from paints to accessories you can add. While cleaning is not all that fun, getting your wooden deck ready for summer is about more than just figuring things out.

If you choose to shock the decking instead of cleaning, do not use high pressure. You will need a crane next to or on the deck and a deckhouse to spray your decking. If you have plants or bushes near your deck, make sure they never touch your deck. If they are in constant contact with your deck, they can rot your wood or become a breeding ground for moss.

It is important to season the deck as it will remove all tannins and oils when exposed to sun and rain. During this time, the wood may turn grey, which indicates that the deck is successfully refuelled. Penetrating oil can be added to keep the wood in good condition. To preserve and protect the wood for years to come, the flooring must have a regular layer of wood stain.

You can preserve your deck by choosing anything from light wood preservatives that show graininess to dark wood stains with hard finishes. You can use transparent sealant naturally, or choose from hundreds of colours to make your deck more individual. Sealants, stains and paints can be applied to the deck to provide varying degrees of protection. Spots always include pigmentation, which provides colour to the beam and helps prevent ultraviolet radiation.

Paint, whether latex or oily, can protect against damage from both UV and moisture, but the best deck paint generally doesn’t hold up for long as a sealant or stain. Deck varnish often does not penetrate the wood but forms a film on the board, which quickly peels off and cracks. Instead, choose a penetrating translucent wood stain to give your deck some colour while still protecting the wood.

From time to time, you will need to oil or paint a wooden deck with oil to make sure it retains its vibrant appearance, so we took the time to give you a guide on how to oil a deck. How often you sand, grease or paint your deck will depend a lot on the type of wood it is made from, the climatic conditions in which you live, and the strength of the finish of the wood you use. Even a brand new deck will need at least a short wash and dry to remove any grime and grime that has accumulated during the first 30 drying periods.

To stain your deck in the heat of summer, it is recommended that you apply the stain while it is cooler. Thus, early morning can be a great time to get rid of the summer heat, especially if your patio has a lot of sun during the day.